NYC Day Three

Eataly & Lion King on Broadway Day!

I met John at Eataly for lunch and we are in the seafood restaurant. I actually LOVE this place. It’s a market and restaurants that are all gourmet Italian. Incredible. Here’s my blog about it.

I cabbed to Broadway and went into the Minskoff Theatre for the Lion King. If deliberated on buying tickets but finally purchased them the day before.

The show was incredible. While the performance is amazing I was more taken by the design – the costumes, the lighting, stage props etc were all incredible. I guess that’s my art side coming out.

After Lion King I went to Sephora grabbed some new Stilla makeup (liquid eyeliner, brow pencil, metal eyeshadow & primer thingy, oh, and a foundation brush) then wandered around Times Square again. Starbucks etc while I waited to hear from my friend Chris. He eventually stood me up and hasn’t messaged me since so I’m pretty sure he knows I’m pissed lol.

I came across some awesome street dancers, they jumped 4people! Then a guy doing some graffiti in a new retail area, watched him for ages he was awesome.

I spent ages in Macy’s umm-ONG and ahh-ing over bags and eventually decided to buy one but my card had been cancelled haha! Not meant to be. And I found out why in Charlotte, NC!

In the mean time John called me and I went and met him at The Australian for drinks and dinner. I actually had a really nice meal there, the gnocchi with a tomato based sauce (it was cream but I had to ask to have it changed due to lactose intolerance) with some ciders.

John’s friend showed up and we made friends with the barmen and had a good old time! We managed to get one to take his top off, had a round of shots with them and the other patrons then I must have asked for too many limes so he lined my entire cup with them!

Home in bed at 2.30 which really wasn’t all that smart when ones starting my Topdeck tour the next day and had to be up at 7…



















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