Cocoa Beach, Florida

Topdeck trip day six

Today we headed to Cocoa Beach from Savannah. I think I slept most of the way, most people were sleeping after a huge night for Australia Day.

We stopped at the famous Ron Jon’s surf shop. It’s massive!

Checked in to our hotel, it was crappy. The Days Inn but it was a pretty good location. Close to the beach and it had a pool.

I changed and started going for a run with the girls along the beach. The rain came in and washed that idea away so we headed back to the hotel, only for it to clear – typical.

Back at the hotel the crew had hopped in the pool. Having cleared I decided to try do a few blocks, I’ve been pretty useless at exercising on this trip.

Around the block two guys yelled out to me. I’m not actually too sure what they said, something about rolling with me. I said I was heading to the beach and they said they’d join. I did t expect them to so I ran along the water then came back by the pier to watch the sunset.

The guys I’d seen earlier came down, their names were Jacob and Marc and they’d come down to train. They did some sparring before getting me up to join them. They were lovely and I had a blast! I may have even been inspired to do some training when I get back to reality.

It was dark and I was content watching them do sprints up and down the beach. I’d had enough running.

They also advised me that the sun set on the other side but I could come back at 7am to watch it rise in the morning.

It was actually one of the highlights of my trip. I love meeting locals and making friends. I meant to meet them out for a drink after dinner but I was exhausted.

We went to the pier for dinner, I had a mahi mahi sandwich. Which is crisply a burger but their definition of a burger is a meat patty! Good to know.



















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