Savannah, Georgia, Day two

Topdeck tour day five.

We piled in the van and drove to the Bonaventure cemetery. What an eerily beautiful place. Savannah is the most haunted place in the USA. We got out and walks around. The Spanish moss that hangs on all the trees makes for an eery atmosphere throughout the town and even more so in the cemetery.

Next up, we went to a big park. That was pretty boring.

Lunch was at Pirates House, a big southern style buffet for only $13.75…. Plus tax plus tip.

I chose the buffet knowing full well I probably wouldn’t like it that much. I don’t like well cooked food, nor do I like stew, mash etc. I like fresh, mainly raw food. However I wanted to try the local cuisine so I loaded my plate with a bit of everything.

Some of the beans were okay, I didn’t mid the squash lasagne and the country fried chicken was good. The rest wasn’t my taste. Key lime pie for dessert, yummy but made with condensed milk so I could only have a bite. Lovely hosts at the restaurant.

Free time for the rest of the arvo. I bought a friend something from Kate Spade, a little gift and another friend a gift from Marc by Marc Jacobs. I also got a few other little things – a bracelet etc.

We sat in Starbucks for a while then walked down to a park and sat watching a water fountain. There was a gorgeous dog I played with and a weird couple, one dressed as an astronaut reading a paper on the park bench while the other took pics. We spent the rest of the time in a coffee shop before walking over to Boar’s head for dinner, stopping at a few chocolate and candy stores along the way.

I had shrimp stuffed with crab for dinner with angel hair pasta and a lemon butter sauce – mmmm.

Next up ghost tour. I’d signed up thinking it would just be folk tales. Little did I know!!

When we arrived I felt weirded out by the guy immediately. Evidently all their research is backed by the historical society of Savannah. So old mate starts telling us the stories at the first site. No probs. Then he whips out his iPad and a speaker as starts playing recordings of.. Well ‘ghosts.’ That was pretty much the end for me. I wouldn’t say I was scared but I didn’t like it and I certainly didn’t want to stick around for the ‘exciting demonic and disturbing’ stuff he had coming up. I was more worried about having nightmares in a random hotel room in my room so without further adieu I told Julia I was done and I’d be at the cafe. She asked us to meet them back at Moon River.

I like to think that all ghosts (if they’re around) are nice, just like Casper and I wasn’t gonna stick around for old mate to tell me differently.

I went to the coffee shop, chatted with the barista for a bit and he was lovely enough to charge my phone for me. I must have been daydreaming as when he gave my phone back over an hour had passed and I was late to get back to meet the rest of the crew!

It was Australia Day and seeing as 11 out of our 13 person tour was Aussie it was only right to have a hotel party and stream the Triple J hottest 100. I retired to bed about 12 I think but some of the others didn’t even go to bed that night!

Must be getting old.






















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