Singapore, Day One

One of the easiest and quickest trips I’ve had through an international airport! Helps I only had carry on. Nothing to declare so straight through the door, no authorities or anything. 

I tried to catch a shuttle but due to a festival they wouldn’t take me to Chinatown. They suggested the MRT. It was easy to take, and I was so involved in my book by that stage, I read standing up almost the whole way in. 

I dropped off my gear and attempted to buy a sim for my phone. Two 7-elevens later and feeling rather hangry I went back to the hostel and messaged Ka Lei & Kieran on the wifi. Thankfully they were only a block away. 

Chinatown is bustling. It’s Chinese New Year and there’s an Indian festival on which is closing down many of the streets. It’s absolute mayhem. 

I found K&K in a crowded hawkers market on the second floor. Somehow I recognised Ka Lei’s hair (even though it looks the same as everyone else’s) and she responded to my whistle immediately. Surprising. 

I joined Kieran and he had xiao long bao which I smashed down. We had some beer (only $6 for a huge bottle) and char kway teow. And chicken satay sticks. The food is about $3 a plate and delicious. It’s where all the locals eat. You save a seat by placing a tissue packet on it that you can buy from elderly people who are approved by the government to supplement their income. 

We went for a walk and back to K&K’s hotel for some gin (there’s huge taxes on alcohol here) and to plan our brunch for the next day. 

Hungry again, we went back to the market for some haianese chicken. 

In bed by 11 and excited for brunch the next day!



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