I’m going to Singapore! 

Yeah. I am. Like right now!
I found flights when I was home over Christmas to Singapore return for $420 for the Australia Day long weekend and considered it in passing. I had mentioned it to some friends. 
A week later Ka Lei & Kieran mentioned that they had looked up flights after I had told them and were keen on a quick jaunt! We booked and ten days later, here I am on the plane over.

The flights went up to $580 but they’re still pretty cheap. It’s my first time flying Scoot and while I did miss my gold privileges that I usually travel on Virgin with, this airline is really nice. 

The plane is a big 747 Dreamliner with and they gave me three seats to myself! Thank you plane Gods. Or airline ground staff. Whatever. I am thankful. 

The snacks are sh*t – no surprises there and you’ll it is $5 for a tiny bottle of water but I’m not complaining. There’s no TVs either but I knew that and stayed up late in preparation – I slept the first four hours and could easily still be asleep now but it’s really not necessary. Planes just make me zonk out. I struggle to keep my eyes open.

I’m about to start the Alchemist book for my Leadership group readings, I hear it is good. 

Bla bla what am I going to do in Singapore? Eat. Duh! 

I don’t have any set plans – I will meet Ka Lei & Kieran (K&K) tonight (they flew yesterday) and eat. Tomorrow I will eat. Monday and Tuesday I will eat. I will probably hit the night zoo, spend half a day shopping but mainly I just want to immerse myself in the local culture and eat. Alcohol has an 80% tax on it so I probably won’t be going too much of that and my body will thank me for it.

I’ll try blog errrday. Be prepared to see many dumplings.   



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