Bargara for the weekend

I try and get over to Baragra about every 6 months or so to see my good friend Benny and his girlfriend, Jo. 

Lucky for me, we have a project on in Bundaberg so I was coming for work anyway and was able to extend my flights. 

I had a big night on the Friday and was feeling a little worse for wear when I woke up Saturday morning. I still had to pack and leave for the airport by 10.30 and life was tough. 

I made it to the airport and fulfilled Ben’s request of a Nutella doughnut (or three) from Doughnut Time for Jo… Except they had no bags. So suddenly, my usually easily transportable luggage became hilariously uncoordinated. 

Imagine this: a big box of doughnuts that needs to be kept horizontal, a carry on suitcase and my handbag. That was doable. But then I had to have my phone out to show my boarding pass and we were in the tiny plane. Tiny plane means gate 50 from Virgin and stairs to the Tarmac, a walk to the plane then up the plane stairs. I looked ridiculous. But I know what you’re all thinking… Were the doughnuts okay?! I’m pleased to report I got them to Bargara safe and sound. They even had their own seat on the plane. Safe little Nutella goodness. 

I slept the whole way, occasionally waking for a sip of water to quench my extreme hungover dehydration. The propellor was right out my window and I was infatuated with it for about two minutes before I crashed out. 

Benny picked me up in Bargara and we went straight to my fave seafood spot for a big seafood platter and a beer. Well Benny had a beer. I had a gingerale (Bundaberg in Bundaberg) and attempted a cider. The sun was shining, the river gleaming and the seafood was phenomenal – happy days! 

We went back to the house and I met Jo and Ben’s baby, (dog) Bentley, who had just had the snip and was feeling quite sorry for himself. 

Benny and I chilled for the arvo, dropped Jo at some drinks, ate dumplings, watched Finding Nemo and Men in Black – happy days. I fell asleep on the couch and Ben was left on his own to go back and pick up Jo. 

Today we went for a beautiful breakfast, checked out the mall and hopefully now go to a beach before the dinner party Jo and Ben have arranged. Jo is already cooking up a storm (hello there pork belly, my old friend) in the kitchen. 

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