Why Travelling Alone In New York Rocks 

Travelling with company is a lot of fun but I enjoy travelling alone occasionally too. I recently went to New York alone, here’s six reasons I found why travelling solo in New York rocks.


No lining up at restaurants
Table for one is a powerful sentence in New York. You almost always skip the queue to the front as there will be a back table or spot at the bar for you ready and waiting. When the lines are 30 minutes plus, this is a massive bonus!

Great Broadway & sports tickets for cheap
Head to a discount ticket seller (Times Square or online at Stub Hub etc) and request a ticket to your chosen show. When they find out you’re alone, they can find great seats at low prices as they’re harder to fill – happy days!

That free subway seat, it’s yours
When the subway carriage is crammed (all the damn time) you only have to watch out for one seat! No scanning for seats next to each other or trying to race for the seat.

It’s easier to meet strangers
When you’re alone people will often strike up a conversation with you. I have met some incredible people who have just started having a chat as we were both alone. Meeting people is one of my fave things to do in New York, I’m curious about everyone.

Freedom to do what you want
Yeah, you can do this when you’re with others but it’s really nice to have no pressures sometimes. I spent a long time getting my hair and makeup done at Sephora and would have felt bad if someone was waiting for me. Sometimes there’s activities that you know nobody else would like to do with you or that you are happier doing alone.

Eat where you want
No trying to find a place that suits both of your tastes or compromising to eat somewhere you don’t want to. For me, I like to eat a lot of dumplings. I know others tire of having them all the time whereas I can keep going back and back and back!

Sometimes it’s nice, just for a change, to have some alone time. I’m by no means an introvert and love being around others however being on your own to travel certainly has its advantages. Give it a go, I bet you’ll enjoy it!

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