6 Lessons I learnt from a week in a Motorhome with my parents

I spent the last week travelling around the New Zealand coast in a six berth motorhome with my parents.

Once you get used to the snoring, farting and sneezing (all Mum & Dad of course) it would seem like it’s plain sailing.. but it’s not. Here’s what I learnt….

  1. A six berth motor home is never going to sleep six. Unless you’re a family of dwarves. Or ants. That bad boy sleeps three adults, max. Maybe four if you’re a healthy bunch and not very tall.
  2. You move, everyone moves. The whole goddamn vehicle rocks. It’s almost like being on a boat. Someone turns over, vehicle rocks. Someone itches their head, vehicle rocks. Someone gets up, vehicle rocks. You get the point.
  3. You all sleep or no one sleeps. If someone is awake and active, everyone will be kept up, it’s a confined space. And god help you if anyone sleep talks. There’s no getting away from that.
  4. No secrets on motorhomes. Nowhere have private conversations, hide gifts or food. Don’t act like you don’t have secret food stashes. Everyone does. You will just have to share your cheese.
  5. If anyone goes to pee at night… there’s a 99% chance you will all have to pee. So there’s a toilet in the motorhome, right? And if someone pees in there at 2am and you wake up (coz there’s no way in hell you won’t, and remember, no secrets & the vehicle rocking) I dare you to try not to need to go. Does not work.
  6. You better not want to access any of your stuff. Because it will not be accessible. It will be in the draw behind the cupboard, next to the bed, at the back behind the sleeping bags, food and kitchen sink.

It was a fantastic week but probably my last in a motorhome for a while. This Gen Y baby is looking forward to her own room with her big, comfortable bed, nobody rocking the vehicle, nobody peeing at midnight, no climbing a ladder to get up to bed, private cheese stash, lots of space and some quiet.

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