When I Realised I Should Have Been Hiring Dresses All Along

Yup, I’ve been doing it wrong for some time now. I could have saved myself a lot of time and money had I given dress rental a go earlier!

I was recently nominated and a finalist for the Women In Industry Awards, celebrating women working in manufacturing and mining. Only a few days beforehand I realised I needed a dress. Calamity! A friend recommended I try hiring a dress, something I had thought of many times before but hadn’t gone through with as I always thought I could find something better to buy and then maybe sell or wear again… which in reality, meant it was just left sitting in my wardrobe!

Enter stage right, Glam Corner. I’d seen them on Instagram a bunch so went to check out their website. HELLOOOO BEAUTIFUL DRESSES!! All the brands I love (and don’t want to pay for as I will only wear them once) and more. I went straight to Thurley – I love their lacy, feminine dresses and chose a bright red dress. There’s a huge selection to choose from – I made great use of the ‘favourites’ section which has made it easy for me to choose my next dress hire from Glam Corner too!

I was a little concerned as the night before it was supposed to arrive I received an email that it was just put in the post… fast forward to my brain freaking out if it doesn’t arrive. Low and behold, before 10am the next morning my dresses were delivered!

Luckily my chosen dress fitted (I have a big booty that doesn’t fit all brands) but I had ordered a back-up dress just in case too. It was gorgeous! Both of them were but I stuck with my original choice. I packed them ready to fly to Sydney (you can keep them for 4-8 nights) and felt beautiful at the awards wearing the Thurley red creation.

The beauty is, once you’re done, you simply pop the dress in the bag and put it back in the mail back to Glam Corner and you’re done! No dry cleaning, no leaving it on your floor for a week when you don’t know how to wash it, no finding space in your wardrobe for a new dress that, let’s be honest, you probably won’t wear again.

I’m a convert. I’ve already ordered another from Glam Corner for an upcoming event next week!

PS. Definitely check out the back-up dress option. It’s only $15 to have another dress sent out in a different size or style in case the one you had in mind doesn’t fit / doesn’t look right!

PPS. If you want to give it a go now (I know you do) here’s a $20 credit for Glam Corner for signing up.


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