Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I’ve been nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. Not entirely sure what that means but here is the process of accepting this award:

Thanking the blogger who nominated you: Thanks to Munky from Munky’s Blog

Adding the Dragon’s Loyalty Award logo: Done.


Posting seven random facts about you:

I don’t particularly like writing random facts about myself… but here goes:

  1. I freaking LOVE cows. I miss my farm and the cows everyday. 
  2. I’m an adrenalin junkie. I love jumping out of planes, off bridges and activities that give you that great rush.
  3. Vegemite sandwiches in the microwave are my fave comfort food. I swear my Mum must have shoved these down my throat when I cried or was ill as it’s all I crave when I am! Specific rules though: bread must be fresh, no marge or butter, thin spread Vegemite, folded in half vertically and in microwave 1-15 seconds. Nom.
  4. I’m addicted to my phone. Whether I’m messaging, emailing, reading the news, writing blogs, tweeting or taking pictures, it’s an extension of my arm. I am very aware of it though and always put it down for conversations, at dinners etc. 
  5. I am a total commitment phobe. I run the other way. Relationships, leases, contracts – they all scare me. I’m trying to counter this at the moment… Stay tuned. I should hopefully have a job that I will stay in long term soon, I will sign a lease, sign a gym / hot yoga contract and potentially even buy an apartment! Eep!
  6. I love to cook. People often mistake this, presuming I’m a good cook. I’m not any kind of culinary chef, I just generally enjoy being in the kitchen. Pinterest is my fave place to find recipes and you can find all the ones I love HERE.
  7. I want to learn to speak Italian. I adore their food and lifestyle and land. I speak and read basic French so I can already understand a little, I just need to learn the basics, I love learning.

That actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be! 

Nominating 10 bloggers:

I read a really wide selection of blogs. Some here are my personal friends and others I just like to tune in to!

  1. Jessica & Love
  2. Meals & Reels
  3. Travelling Foodies
  4. Janaline’s World Journey
  5. Kiss me out of desire
  6. Cookie Jen
  7. Universo Tokyo
  8. Fotoeins Fotopress
  9. Ellis goes on Holiday
  10. Finding Buddha
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