Seiji Yamazaki – Photographer

Seiji lives in Tokyo, Japan and I love his photography. The first pic is one of my faves, although I have many.

Please scroll down for the Japanese translation.

He first bought a DSLR camera back in 2009, a Pentax k-x. Now he uses Canon although he shoots with all kinds of film cameras, even with a 1967 Polaroid.

Although it was just a hobby back then, he would like to become a portrait photographer. He shoots to document and remember the moments that are never going to be the same again.

Ever since he was a kid in Matsuyama he always liked photography. He used to have a disposable camera and shot pics of his family and friends.

“I’m in the game not for the money but to make people smile. If I could make someone happy or smile with my photos for 1 hour,1 week,1 month or even a lifetime, then that’s priceless to me. People may think my photos aren’t that good now but 20 or 30 years from now they are gonna look at my photos and realize how important it is to have GOOD photos of them.”

Seiji personally knows this as when he was younger a good friend passed away and a shot he took was used as his funeral portrait. To this day his friends and family all still look at those photos to remember the moments they had together.

If you want to contact Seiji you can do so HERE.





“僕はお金が欲しいから写真を撮るのではなく、人を笑顔にしたくて撮ってます。もし僕が撮った写真を、写ってる人が観て1時間、1週間、1ヶ月もしかしたら一生… 観るたびに笑顔になってもらえるのであれば、それはお金より価値があると思います。極論ですけど、今は別にたいした写真じゃないじゃんって思われてもいいんです。20年とか30年後に僕が撮った写真を改めて観た時、「いい写真だな」「撮ってもらってよかったな」って思ってもらえれば。”

なぜ彼がそう言うのか… 彼がまだ十代の時、友達が他界しました。その際、聖史の撮った写真がお葬式で使われ、未だにその友達の両親や仲間達は聖史が撮った当時の写真達を眺めて一緒に過ごした時を思い返している、という事実と経験が根底にあるからでしょう。












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