Brooklyn Heights

Massive day today.

Was so happy to have avocado on toast for breakfast. Anyway!

Headed to Brooklyn on the subway and walked the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, beautiful weather again and wicked views.

Checked out some street performers then headed into Wall street to see what all the fuss was about. It was just a long street haha so went to Soho to check out a cute little cafe right by the subway. Delish lunch over, we jumped back on the subway and headed to Macy’s. Dayumm that place is huge!

Caught the train to Long Island to meet Vincent, who I worked with at the Lions, and to head to the Mets v Washington Baseball game.

We got completely lost trying to get into Citi Field (the stadium) for about 40mins.. Finally got in there for the start of the third inning.
How cool in American Baseball?! The atmosphere was awesome.

Was soo disappointed to find out that Popper Jacks are really just caramel popcorn and nuts. I thought it was some exciting new food I hadn’t tried. Was still yummy though!

After that we went back to Long Island to Northport where Victor lives to make smors. Except all the shops were shut so that ended that idea pretty fast!

One more day left in New York then Miami! Yeewwwww

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