Shark infested waters

The waiters know us so well when we arrive at our table for dinner there is already two butter dishes and two pieces of french bread each. In ‘real’ life I hardly even eat bread but here I can’t stop. Thank goodness I have 1 month unlimited hot yoga booked when I get back to work it all off.

Our waiter is lovely, Raj from Nepal. He actually knows where New Zealand is which is more than I can say for a few people here! He has been working on ships for 12 years. I suppose it’s almost like being institutionalized. He won’t ever want to leave.

We just arrived at our last stop, Grand Turk. This place is postcard gorgeous. Just beautiful. Tropical paradise. Snorkeling time!

A day later…

We did a three hour snorkeling tour first off. Was amazing. The first reef we visited however, they failed to mention that there would be about five sharks floating around. And of course, me, ever the over enthused snorkeller was first in and first to get the surprise of sharks right under my flippers circling me!

The sharks were reef sharks, with a mouth under them, similar to a sting ray. The crew went to the bottom, picked them up, cradling them upside down like babies for us to pat on the surface of the water. They were beautiful and gentle, soft on the bottom and sandy on the top. Hopefully some of the pics from our underwater camera turn out.

There were lots of other cool fish their too like these ling skinny flute like kingfish type fish that swam only on the surface of the water. There were also jelly fish everywhere, I was pretty worried but they were harmless.

The second reef was at the ‘drop off’ just like on Finding Nemo. The ocean went from 15 feet to 60 feet over the ledge. Was awesome. Huge schools of fish everywhere, from little blue and orange ones to big silver and yellow ones.

After snorkeling we relaxed on the picture-perfect beach and swam in the clear turquoise waters.

I’m really sad that this was our last stop on the cruise as we’ve had such an awesome time but happy to finish off with such a beautiful location. Would definitely recommend a Carnival Cruise to anybody heading these ways!

I went ring shopping again, ever in search of the perfect diamonds, but there wasn’t a large selection of stores and I wasn’t particularly fussed on any.

One more day on the ship and then back to normal civilization… Nooooo!

Ps. Kim if you’re reading this, and I know you are, you must learn how to make amaretto cake.. Melt in your mouth goodness!

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  1. Oh yes, We had asked about sharks as we are weary of them and they said there were none! Luckily the guide had just jumped in the water and calmed us before we stopped everyone jumping in haha


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