Can’t believe I haven’t been to this place before!

Seriously, with my love of Japanese food and endless searches for good restaurants you’d think I would have stumbled across it by now.

It has an Japanese feel to it, except had it been in Japan it wouldn’t be so spacey. Love the atmosphere and surroundings. You need to be okay with loud noise though, its definitely not a quiet dining experience.
It even has a VIP room… Not quite sure how you would become VIP there or what it would entitle you considering meals are $30…

So anyway for $30 you can have all you can eat sushi & hot pot.
You are seated at your table and your waiter explains how the system works.

The sushi is a buffet, simply choose What you like with what condiments and ta daaa you’re off! It’s fresh and there’s a good variety.

The hot pot you cook yourself at your table. There’s a hole in front of you to put the pot in once it’s full of your choice of ingredients.
Choosing from vegetable, miso or Tom yum soup to begin you then add your veggies and choice (or choices) of meat.

I went for a miso soup with fresh blue crab, bok choy, mushrooms, bean sprouts and red onion to keep it simple. Was delish.

If you leave any food on your table you are charged $20. A good initiative to ensure that food isn’t wasted.

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