Head over heels in Love.

Don’t get too excited, it’s not me.

Have you ever spent time with someone who is just gushing with happiness after meeting the man/woman of their dreams? Someone who you never thought would gush and blush and fall over their own feet from being distracted by their other half?

My lovely friend, who I have known for some time, and I adore, has fallen head over heels in love. Literally. I swear if this girl wasn’t so damn bright she would have no idea where she was going as her brain has suddenly been taken over by this burning passion.
She is suddenly glowing, and her mood is infectious. In the last week I have spent two nights with her and after both, my cheeks hurt from smiling at her stories and I felt like skipping down the road. I’m not a skipper. Well, not in my sober life anywho… point being she is spreading the love baby. It oozes from her very core.

The normally semi-reserved but kept high on guard woman has been overtaken by this lady who is glowing with happiness and whose eyes glaze over as she remembers all the little details of her man. As much as I would like to say it is sickening, it’s not. I think it’s the most wonderful thing.
God. Now I sound like I am gushing.

It really is lovely to see her so happy though. And it does make me ponder my life… does that really happen? Do you really meet someone and BOOM! Goneski. You’re theirs and they’re yours and that’s the end?
Love at first sight? I duno. Is a fairy-tale really a fairy-tale because it is just that? A fairy tale? I am certainly sceptical. It’s not that I’m not a lover… I’d love to love. It just doesn’t seem to happen all that often. Or at all… I tend to like a couple of people at once, never anything serious. Sorry guys if you’re reading. In fact I’ve even managed to stay single for the last 5 years. Too picky most likely but that is another story.
Anyway… I love to see my friend so happy and it compelled me to write this.
Time will tell. And I shall tell you in another blog J

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