Sleep deprivation

I am so exhausted today that I found myself doing stupid stuff.
For instance, when I went to call my friend, much confusion ensued.
I began with just trying to call her… I was so confused as to why her name wasn’t in my phone. How could it have disappeared? I haven’t synced my phone lately? I haven’t used it for a while maybe it just… disappeared? Phones are strange things.
So I thought, I know, I’ll Facebook message her for her phone number. Except when I wrote her name in my search field, she wasn’t on there. I was thinking,why would she delete her facey? That’s strange.
That’s when I had an epiphany. Instagram. I would find her on Instagram and I would message her. No one deletes their Instagram. But low and behold, she was gone from there too.
I even messaged a mutual friend asking for her number. In the mean time I started googling her name and work place to try find her. Still to no avail. I was like geez I hope she is okay. Why would she delete all her accounts?
Nek minute…. I realised my absolute blondeness. Her name wasn’t spelt Yana, as it is said, but Jana!
I had her number, her facey and her instagram. **Hangs head in shame**
Earlier this evening I was in my room on the phone chatting away when I stopped listening briefly to my friend as I noticed a straw hat sitting on my TV.
I don’t have a straw hat. This one was pretty big, it looked like it had come from a Mexican fiesta. I’d definitely remember it.
Yet I have no idea where it could have come from or how long it has been sitting there. My only guess is that Kim, my crazy ex flatmate, may have placed it there while I was in the USA. I know I haven’t been around that much but how could I possibly not notice a random straw hat sitting on my TV? I have been home nearly three weeks. I sleep in that room every night. What other random items have I acquired and not noticed lately? Who knows? Obviously not me.
Kim can you please confirm or deny placement of said hat?
Now I wouldn’t say I’m an avid cook or baker or whatever but I can make some mean cupcakes.
 I have a Halloween party tomorrow night so I thought I would bake some cupcakes (vanilla & strawberries and cream) to ice as eyeballs (will post in next blog they should be awesome!)
So there I was going about my business mixing up some mean muffins and I came to the bit where I had to add the butter.
Next 5 minutes are spent looking for butter in the fridge when there is obviously none. I find margarine – and brainwave! I’ll use that. Then I think but how do I measure out 60grams?
I swear I’m not usually like this.
I have made these many times before with margarine. So I start trying to workout percentages.. but my tub isn’t even so how can I possibly make an accurate measurement? Next thought – I will find out how much a Teaspoon has in it and I will just add them up to 60g. Head to google then realise I have measuring spoons in the draw that I can easily use. Duh.
So now I have illustrated my stupidness for the day I will stop delaying sleep and go ninise so I can go cray tomorrow night at the Halloween party and hopefully be smart (ish) again.
Ahoy Sailor 😉

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