Holiday Planning – Oops!

Why one shouldn’t leave booking until the last minute… Or perhaps why you should!

So in my last blog I was saying how I’d been lazy and hadn’t booked anything for my Thailand trip. Being New Years and a very popular destination I knew I should have, yet it still didn’t motivate me.

So yesterday I finally got my A into G and booked my accommodation. A nice little resort in Koh Samui, (yup I went for Koh Samui and the ferry to Koh Phagnan for the Full Moon Party) right on the beach and very central to everything. Sweet. Done. Yewwww!!

So I called Gemma and was like ‘Yo Bro put some money on my account.’
While we were talking she was asking me when I was flying home, she still wasn’t sure about her leave with work so her plans are up in the air. Still didn’t think to check my flights.

Then my other girlfriend from work calls me, her and her travel buddy were browsing accom and wanted to know where I had booked and what my plans were. Still didn’t think to check flights back.

Then my cousin called. She had decided not to join us but to head to Phuket instead as that suited her plans better. She was asking me what my plans were and where I was flying out from. She mentioned that if she came to Samui it was hard to get off the island, that there were hardly any flights left and they were all expensive. I must have had other things on my mind as I STILL didn’t think to check flights!

So a few hours later I’m mucking around on my laptop.. Lalalala… And I think ‘oh I know what I’ll do, I’ll look at flights home from Thailand.’

My first idea was to google flights ‘Samui to Phuket or Bangkok’ I could fly out from either an was heading towards whatever was cheaper. As I mentioned before, Google is actually my best friend.

So I find a site similar to webjet and put in my details.. All the flights are $400+ and have a stopover? They should be 1hr direct and under $100.. Then I head to trusty old Bangkok Airline, who I am flying there with. In 7 days, they have one flight. A day earlier than I had planned. Not ideal. But the only option for me to get off the island really unless I want to take a 7hour bus trip. I don’t.

Called Gemma, who was asleep. Oops. Sorry bro. She didn’t make much sense and couldn’t understand me so gave up on trying to establish whether she wanted to jump on the flight too and told her to have a lovely sleep.

So I book the flight off the island just for me and start looking for flights home from Phuket (only flight was to there) to Brisbane. There’s a few but they all have fairly decent stopovers and I’m lazy when it comes to stuff like that. Eventually though I found one leaving a few hours after I arrived, it flies to Perth first (perfect if Gem comes) with a quick stop and straight back to Bris. To be honest, I mainly took it coz it was with Virgin Australia and I wanted the air points. Plus it was a flexible flight so can change as I please. And it was cheaper than the others. Yay win-win.

Moral of the story, if you’re traveling at peak times, book early. Unless you want an excuse for work to not come back on time, in which case this is perfect…

Boss ‘You’re back on the 5th January right?’
You ‘Umm’
Boss *Severe expression directed at you*
You ‘Well actually..’
Boss ‘Yes..’
You ‘There were no flights back on time..’
Boss ‘Oh really?’
You ‘Yes so unfortunately you see, I can’t come back until February’
Boss ‘I see..’
You ‘I’m sorry, it’s not my fault, I couldn’t get a flight back, I really tried.’
Boss ‘You’re right, are you okay?’
You ‘I suppose I will be’ *Moahahaha sneaky smile*

Ps. Still haven’t booked from the 2nd – 5th sh!t!! Haha better get on that!

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