Sushi Kotobuki – LOVE this place!


When I worked for the Lions I regularly visited this place as it is just around the corner from the Gabba in East Brisbane. Now I don’t get there so often but love it when I do!
These pics reallllly don’t do the food justice, I had take-away tonight and it was incredible as always. We went for Lion King, edamame, prawn uramake and gyoza.

Sushi Kotobukiis one of those restaurants that when you look at it from the outside you don’t think much of it. Most people don’t even know that it is there. Hidden in a little block on a corner, it doesn’t have any real presence from the outside. Inside it just looks like any tiny sushi place. However, if you saw how many people go there you would be able to tell straight away you had stumbled upon something awesome.
They have just completed a renovation to accommodate more people and jazz up the interior. It looks good but they are still in need of more space for tables due to their popularity. The line is still huge and we had to order take away as there were no tables.

My regular order is edamame and a Lion King roll or James special. The James special isn’t on the actual menu, someone just created it and it caught on but if you ask for it they will know what it is. Both of them and I’m full for under $10! Did I mention how cheap this place is? Best sushi in Brisbane and they’re so cheap. Can’t beat it!
They also have your usual range of Japanese curries and soups etc that are equally delicious but with sushi so cheap and delicious I tend to stick with that.
The staff are lovely, they always recognise you and ask how you are. Japanese hospitality at its best.
Go there, you will not be disappointed.

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