Himalayan Cafe – New Farm

Great food, fantastic atmosphere and BYO goodness.

The first thing that hits you when you arrive at the Himalayan Cafe is the atmosphere, it has dark-ish interior lighting, some incense is burning by the shrine and the music transports you away.
It is very relaxed and the venue is full of happy voices – it looked to be very popular and luckily we had booked in advance, (we being Wes) I don’t think we would have got a table otherwise.

We ordered steamed meat dumplings (of course) to start with. They are a much thicker pastry to gyoza but yummy all the same especially when coupled with the satay-like sauce. We had another starter. almost like the same taste as a samosa, I can’t remember the name and I can’t find the menu online to check it. Would recommend both however.

Wes’s main meal

By Wes’s lack of conversation during dinner I can but assume his lamb main was good. He talked my ear off the rest of the time so I took this as a good sign! Men can be so easy to read at times.

I tried the Himalayan noodles with prawns as my main – figured I would go for something I couldn’t get elsewhere as I was also considering the pesto chicken. The meals are massive and very reasonably priced. The prawns were delicious, and the noodles soft with a great flavour  I’d have it again for sure.

Entree I can’t remember name of!

The toilets are an interesting experience. Not that there is anything wrong with them, they’re just interesting. First of all I couldn’t distinguish between the Himalayan man and woman and wasn’t sure which door to go through. A little awkward but I figured it out. Then there is the lighting.. There is no ‘normal’ lighting.. I spent an indefinite amount of time searching for the light switch but it seems they are persistent in having you use the restrooms while they are bathed in a deep red light. Or glow rather. Worth a look even if you aren’t busting! Haha

Anyway it’s a great place to check out – be sure to make a reservation and bring a good bottle of wine for the BYO!

My main – Himalayan noodles
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