Locked out.. AGAIN

I am so good at locking myself out, I should have at least 2 sets of house keys. Although that wouldn’t help me in this situation.

I tend to lock myself out these days as I have started taking the ferry to work. So I have no need for my car key and therefore the thought that I don’t have my house keys doesn’t even cross my mind until I get home again in the evening, spend an hour shuffling through my ridiculously cliche handbag which is overfull with crap I don’t need or use, and finally conclude that yet again I don’t have my keys. Usually this ensues with a slight panic my phone is dead and I can’t contact my housemates to see when they will be home. Luckily for me, 90% of the time they are not far away.

This time however is different. This time I’m just dumb.
I thought I would surprise my flatmate with a pretty sparkly Christmas tree as she is here for Christmas on her own from Scotland. So I put the tree up (mandatory singing of Aaron Neville) and realized I’d left the lights in my car. In my haste to get downstairs, get the lights (I live on the 5th floor, car in basement) and have them set up before my Flatty got home so I could have the lights off and the tree sparkling away I forgot my house keys. I thought what do I need.. Car keys, phone. Got them. Walked outside, hopped in the lift and suddenly realized I couldn’t swipe down to the basement to get to my car as low and behold, I had forgotten my house keys.

Of course tonight is the one night Flatty #1 isn’t home – he making an appearance at Stereosonic.
Flatty #2 is finishing her shift at the hospital and should be home in the next 20mins as I write this. However I have already been here an hour. Luckily there’s a couch and free newspapers in our lobby! !

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