I’m 25, it’s not my fault

I would be lying if I said I’m happy to be turning 26 on Sunday. I’m not sad as such about it but it just sounds so much older than 25.

Plus when you’re 25 you can get away with heaps of stuff. It’s like ‘I’m 25, it’s not my fault’ and people are like ‘well that’s okay then, understandable considering your age.’ Try doing that when you’re 26.. Not gonna happen! I have 6 days to use this excuse.

At least in the last year I have kicked some goals. I finally made it to America, somewhere I have wanted to go for a long time and had the best trip ever. I also moved out of sports marketing and into hospitality marketing when I was head hunted for my latest position. An industry I have wanted to get into for years.

I am however, quite upset about these lines that seem to be appearing on my forehead. I don’t like them very much and although everyone says that can’t see them, I can. So I think I might look at getting a fringe haha.

Otherwise turning 26 isn’t all that bad. It’s just another day. And thankfully it’s not a work day!

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