Sick on a Sunday

Whenever I am ill I revert back to being a child.
I want my Mum and I want my Dad and I want cuddles.

This morning I woke up feeling rather sick in my stomach… my first thought was, ‘did I drink that much last night?’ As I had planned on only going out for a few and as far as I could remember had kept to my plan. But my stomach was certainly churning. Annddd I was going to be sick.

Anyway I spent the next few hours with my head over the toilet wishing someone would come and look after me. I realised a few things in my state, firstly that I hate spewing. And eating toast when you’re sick is never smart as it WILL come straight back up. And also that my bathroom floor needs to be mopped.

Who needs to do sit ups when you can just spew your way to toned abs?! My tummy is so sore now! Feel like I’ve done a thousand of them.

On the plus side I looked rather slim in my dress this evening at my Christmas function as I sipped on water and watched everyone else get drunk! I do not pity them and their hangovers at work tomorrow!

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