Bootay Shaking & Ridiculous Dancers, J Lo World Tour

To be honest I didn’t have high expectations for this show.. I am not a J Lo fan but we got free tickets from work and thought it would be a fun girls night out.

Firstly, she took AGES to come out. A good 45 mins to an hour. I know she’s a mega star but don’t keep the crowd waiting. It doesn’t build anticipation, it creates boredom. There was also a massive amount of Vidal Sassoon ads and a formal wear shop ad. Replayed over, and over again. Annoying.
The bootay. The bootay isn’t as great as I expected considering it is insured for a stupid amount. However, she is very good at shaking it!!
The abs. Wow. She’s, 45 (ish?), has had twins and those abs are incredibly defined. I can only hope to be so ripped at 45. Actually I could only hope to be that ripped now! Would require a lot of dedication. But when your body is partly your business, the dedication would be more than worth the results.
The dancers. Hell, if I was J Lo, I would keep one for myself too. God Damn they are ridiculously good looking and ripped. I had to stop myself from nearly drooling. I want to be a singer just so I can have an entourage of amazing male dancers.
All in all a good show. She can sing, dance and she’s gorgeous. She put a massive amount of energy into the show.
On a side note though, how many capes with feathers does one woman need?!

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