And we’re off!

Well by we’re I mean I…
I hope Gemma is too but with her in Perth and me in NZ I can’t be entirely sure.

So my bags are packed, and I’ve said my goodbyes. God I hate goodbyes. Or see ya later as we like to call them. So many mixed emotions. I’m usually happy to be going to my next destination but sad to be leaving my family again. Especially after Christmas. But we had an awesome relaxed time together 🙂

Anyway so my lil bro bought me a cuddle buddy for Christmas. An elephant. I fricken love it. It’s suppose to be a pillow but it’s so damn soft and furry I just wana cuddle it and stroke it. Thanks Bro! Will keep me snugly all the way to Thailand.

Which is a fair way with 4 flights.
Palmy to Auckland
Auckland to Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur to Phuket
Phuket to Koh Samui

I have bought some random water stuff which is supposed to cure/prevent jet lag. If I’m honest, I just couldn’t be bothered walking to the other vending machine with the water and this was much more closer and convenient.

Can’t wait to get there finally and lie in the sun with a cocktail while getting a massage. Bliss 🙂

Hope the weather holds out!

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