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Usually I jam pack my holiday full of everything that is available to me in that area. This time however all I want to do is chill out. Lie in the sun. Swim. Get massages, pedicures, manicures. Drink some cocktails.

I have been doing pretty damn well on the cocktail front! I like the maitais. Mainly as I can’t taste the ridiculous amount of alcohol they put in the drinks. I nearly gaged on my attempt at a vodka lime and soda last night! Sipped a whole mouthful of vodka then was so surprised I managed to spill it all over the entire table. Back to maitais I went.

Yesterday all we did was hang out. We swam, read and sunbathed. Tried to kayak but they were all booked out. Headed into main Chaweng for a massage ad to meet my other friends.

Dinner was amazing again. We have been introduced to this random dish called Laab. It’s pork with lime, chilli
and mint. I don’t love the chilli but it’s so good! For a main I had garlic pepper prawns and rice – the garlic was all crisp and crackly. Melted in your mouth.

We drank on the beach again, dancing in the sand and drinking from buckets until 2am when Ark Bar shut. Next up, Green Mango. We have found our regulars already.

3am, the club shuts and the rain started pretty heavy. Thankfully there were heaps of Tuk Tuks around to take us home quickly.

Hoping to go to a Lady Boy show tonight and check out the Muay Thai boxing, there’s a huge stadium just up the road.

Ark Bar Chaweng
Green Mango Chaweng

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