Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Yesterday went by rather quickly.

Started off the same, with my alarm at 10 so I didn’t miss breakfast. I came down and had my eggs on toast while Gem kept on sleeping. When I came back she was still asleep so I jumped on bed for a nap. Next thing ya know it’s 12.30! She still wouldn’t wake up so I fell back asleep till 1.30pm when I woke her properly so we didn’t waste the rest of the day.

We went for a swim, got dressed and started walking to Chaweng. Stopped at a massage parlor along the way for a full body oil massage – the best I’ve had yet and the entire salon had a giggle at some guy who didn’t want his feet touched but had to have them washed before the massage. He giggled the whole way through then lied down in the bed next to us. Through te curtain w could hear the Thai girls giggling and he asked ‘what are you two giggling at’ she replied ‘ahh nice muscles yes!’ and he replied with a very smug ‘thank you’ to the laughter of the rest of the salon.

After our communal giggle session we wandered down the rest of the way to the beach and did some shopping. I didn’t buy much. I bought so much crap I never used on my last Thai holiday I know not to go crazy.

Next up we met the girls for dinner at Thai Orchard. Spring rolls, green curry, coconut rice and cocktails.

I was really keen to check out a Lady Boy show and a gay couple (who also dress as Lady Boys in Brisbane) suggested we hit up Moulin Rouge. Free entry with a $10 drink purchase. The show was amazing. Some of them looked like models. Gorgeous. One did Madonna and had the entire venue grooving with her while another did Gangham Style. They also did the half man, half lady performance and the ‘I did it my way’ where they start as a Lady Boy and undress themselves on stage to display what they really look like. Love that one.

Decided on a early night in bed. Went to sleep about midnight after reading. Well at least I tried.
I felt a bite on my foot (even though I’d sprayed insect repellant) and didn’t think much of it. Then the burning and itching started. It was really sore so I got up for a look and a huge welt had formed on the edge of my foot. I was msging and friend who informed me it looked very much like bed bugs. I tried to go back to sleep again but ended up with 6 more bites along my wrist and my elbow. They kept me awake for so long plus I was considering going to reception and asking them to kindly remake my bed. Gemma wouldn’t have a bar of it and told me to just go to sleep. Eventually I must have drifted off and woke up to find they have all disappeared. Very strange.

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