Yesterday I found paradise.

We hired a water taxi to take us to a neighboring island of Koh Tao, Koh Nuangyen. Our little taxi driver was hilarious, cracking up at who knows what the entire time.

Only 20mins by long boat and the water is perfectly clear. As you pull up alongside the wharf you can see tropical fish darting everywhere. I love fishies!

We hired some snorkels off our crazy water taxi man and told us to come get us in 3 hours.

The place is gorgeous. White sand, crystal clear water and the best coconuts I’ve had in Thailand this far.

We thought we would trek to the view point first off. Get it out of the way. Think walkways a child could make to their tree hut. Boards of would planked roughly together with branches along the sides as guides. In a few places the entire path had broken into the water and you had to make your way across the rocks as you made your way along the island.

Then you get to the stairs. Bloody thousands of tiny stairs. They demonstrated how unfit I was and how stupid it was of me not to have the initiative to buy some water before we went up top!
Finally you reach what you think is the top bit it’s really a whole bunch of massive rock boulders you have to climb to make the point. No rails. Just you and the rock.

Somehow we got up and the view was literally breath taking. Poor Gems couldn’t stand up as she wasn’t loving the height. But we managed to get a few awesome pics.

For some reason rock climbing makes me feel like a child again. So the idiot I am started jumping around them and climbing them. Coming back down I slipped and skidded down a semi vertical rock face. Scratched up the back of my calf and made a decent indent in the back of my heel. Luckily it was quite forceful so it went numb! So sticking to my jandal from the blood we made our way back to the main part of the island. That’s when I got feeling back. The sea water stung like a bitch.

Waters all round and a coconut for me (natures’ electrolytes) the best one I have has in Thailand.

We had a snorkel in the bay and saw some cute fishies. Parrot fish, flute like fish, stripey fish, angel looking fish and a sea cucumber. Always makes me think of Jack Ass. Anyway I was already tired out from hiking that massive hill so lay out on the beach. Time went too quickly and all too soon it was time to head back to Koh Tao for lunch and check out ready to take the ferry back to Samui.

Considering I had an early night I crashed out straight away on the ferry! Don’t know what it is about big boats but I just can’t keep my eyes open. I put it down to the rocking.

Another hilarious experience with a taxi driver was had.. He thought we said Burger King… Not Blue Lagoon? Haha he couldn’t stop laughing. ‘hehehee ahh no Burger King.. Hehehe BLUE LAGOON!! Hehehe’ lucky he was funny coz I was hungry as and wanted to be at my hotel like yesterday lol.

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