Nooo don’t eat me! A gingerbread tale.

Whenever I eat gingerbread men I always have that voice in my head going ‘nooo don’t eat me, I need that leg!‘ – I think I can blame that one on the character from Shrek.
When I was at the supermarket tonight buying lychees I came across tubs of gingerbread cookie dough for only $2.20! I love baking but don’t have much time at the moment so thought I’d whip em’ up for my work buddies. Coz I’m nice like that. Plus I wanted to wear the cute apron my lil Bro got me for Christmas.
Anyway – thought I would just roll the dough into a cylinder shape and cut it into round cookies. Imagine my excitement when I found a cookie cutter in there! Wahoo! Real gingerbread men cookies! Nom.
So I had a whole heap of fun rolling and cutting the cookies. While they were in the oven I even vacuumed. I’m working on my domestic goddess status you see. Baking and cleaning simultaneously. Basically any mans dream. Except I was wearing clothes under my apron. Don’t want to subject my┬áhouse mates┬áto that, they put up with enough from me as it is!
Bing! And they’re ready. Holy delicious gingerbread men! I wish I bought 5 buckets!!
nom nom
Cute new apron – Thanks Dan

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