My travel tips

I’ve travelled a bit so thought I’d share a couple of my fave travel tips..
Take a scarf – just a light pashmina. Planes are freezing these days and you can wrap yourself up in it quite nicely.
Wear a hoodie on the plane – not only does this stop your annoying neighbor chatting to you but it blocks out some noise and aids with the comfy factor to help put you to sleep.
Wear pants on the plane & closed in shoes or socks – again, it’s freezing!
Bring your phone charger- If you have a decent wait time or stopover, smart phones are the best time waster invented. From playing games, to clearing out your photo albums, there’s a billion things you can do on them to keep you occupied. Luckily they also have many power points scattered all over the airport so you dot have to worry about saving your battery. Plus many of the airports have free wifi now so you can check up on your social networks.
Take a bottle of water and snacks on the plane – remember if there is turbulence and delays you may be waiting some time for the food and beverage service.
Pack light -I never adhere to this although I do believe it is a good practice.
Roll your clothes – you can fit more in!
Always travel with medicinal supplies – especially when going to Asia. Gastrolyte, panadol, savlon, band aids, imodium etc. You never know when you may get ill!
Take pics of your travel documents with your phone – this way you’re not always in and out of your bag digging for paper and it doesn’t matter if you accidentally throw it away.
Change your watch to your local destination time as soon as you get on the plane. -Try change your sleep patterns to match theirs during the flight to help minimize jet lag and have you in the right time zone.

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