I hate bad service. It’s even worse when there’s only a few customers around and staff are obviously not doing anything.

Finally got their attention to seat us and they basically said go wherever you like and left. They then forgot to drop off menus and I spent ages trying to get someone’s attention to being two for us.

Then they didn’t take our orders… Again, finally got their attention and made out orders.

Took ages for our entrees to come out. They were quite good, scallop with apple sauce and pine nuts.

My main came out first and Celia motioned for me to eat. I held off a while then got into it as I presumed hers wouldn’t be far away. I was wrong. She had ordered the pan fried salmon and a waitress came out to say sorry, that the chef was just filleting the salmon so it would be a while. I was half way through my mean at this stage.

My meal was poor. I had the Kinsei Bamboo Basket – supposed to be a risotto with Brie and seafood, it was just gluggy rice with 2 mussels, 2 prawns and a piece of calamari. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed.

When Celia’s eventually came out, I had massive food envy. Salmon was cooked beautifully.

Complete opposite to my last experience here which was good service & good food.

Won’t be going back!

Scallop entree
Celia’s meal

Kinsei Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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