Hawaii Noms

Ahi Poke

There is so much I want to eat in Hawaii. Could almost be a food tour!

I am going to eat so much fish in Hawaii it is going to be ridiculous. They eat heaps of Ahi (Tuna), ahi poke, a common mixture of raw ahi, onions, peppers and soy (basically sashimi with vegies) is even sold in all the supermarkets!! Mmmm can’t wait.

Seared Poke

I’m assuming a Luau is the equivalent of a Hangi. I don’t really appreciate well cooked food but I will give it a go! The show itself will be cool to see.

Can’t wait to try Guri Guri, a frozen Hawaiian (hopefully dairy free) dessert. Looks yummy.

There are heaps of buffets… sushi buffets… I’m going to get so fat.

Then there is all the fresh fruit… can’t wait to browse the farmers markets!

Must work out heaps before I go there ready for the excess weight upon arrival.

Guri Guri

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