Team Tango!

When Benny called me and asked if I would do tango with him I actually had no idea what I was getting myself into. After I had to grab my laptop and google it and it wasn’t what I expected but I was still up for the challenge!

We had an amazing time with Angelique & Chris learning to dance. They are fantastic teachers and the smaller sized groups meant we had lots of one on one time to figure out the steps we (usually Ben) couldn’t get out head around.

I was actually pretty sad on the last day after our performance, as not only would I no longer get to invade Benny’s personal space with good reason but it meant that my fave time of the week was over and we had to say goodbye to the rest of the group.

Shame there wasn’t another class starting immediately after mine as I would have loved to continue!

If you’re in Brisbane and want to learn to dance (not just tango) give Angelique & Chris a call on 0479 170 818 at Evoke Dance and Theater company, or you can view their website here. I promise it will be fun!!

Our class video:

Some pics of Benny & I on our last day…

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