Last day in Brisbane

Well not quite. But basically. I am
back for a day after Japan but its gonna be hectic as and I’ll be unpacking and re-packing for NZ and Canada. I know I’ve said it before but I really do have SO much stuff. Gahh

Anyway back to my story, it’s my last day in Brisbane. Last day at work, last day staying with Kim and last day eating at my fave Japanese restaurant, Kotobuki!

While I feel a little sad I mainly feel excited and happy.

A few people were upset saying goodbye to me at work (thanks for the great times, new friends, Mo√ęt & Canadian $ work!) and while I didn’t like saying goodbye to them, it’s hard to feel sad as I have a trillion other things running through my mind. It’s like a list race in there of things that I need to do!

Anyway Japan in the morning, if I ever make it to the coast as Tay is stuck in work and we are likely stuck in traffic on the way there.. I’m currently sitting in her (messy) car typing this.

Gold Coast tonight to see my good friends SiGNatUre play a gig then back to theirs for a decent sleep before my flight.

See you in Japan!!


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