Oyster Surprise

I love oysters. So imagine my happiness at arriving in New Zealand for Bluff Oyster Season!

At $25 a dozen – give or take, they are a treat. But ya delicious treat at that! Just a tiny squeeze of lemon and they’re ready to consume.

Seeing my love of them, I thought I would kindly share my dozen with my friend, Kim. I’m nice like that.

Kim had never tried oysters before so I was especially excited for her to try them. I know some people don’t appreciate them so I quizzed her to ensure she liked fresh, raw shellfish. She did so I inquired as to whether she liked jelly and if she didn’t mind an ‘explosion’ in her mouth. Similar to when you bite into a soft centered lolly. All basis covered so we were good to go.

Mum decided to take pics of Kim so we had her first oyster experience on record. Thank god we did otherwise I wouldn’t have the picture below in my possession!

She placed the oyster in her mouth and all but turned green. Her eyes watered, she turned pale and made interesting hand movements. Dad hilariously told her she would be insulting us if she spat it out so she held it in much to our amusement.

Couldn’t stop laughing.

Anyway, the good news is that I don’t have to share my delicious oysters with anyone!

All for me!



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