Saying goodbye is such sweet sorrow

It ain’t sweet at all!

I hate goodbyes. This is well known. I avoid them at all costs.

Usually at the airport I’m worried my Mum will cry. That brings me pretty close to tears. Other people’s emotions seem to have a greater effect on me than my own. Well today it was my turn. For the first time ever, I cried saying goodbye to my family at the airport. And ironically, my Mum didn’t! Haha.

I can never sleep the night before a morning flight. Not well anyway. I toss and turn and ponder. Always hoping I don’t miss my flight. I’ve done that a few times.

Last night I dreamt I was staying at a hotel and I turned my alarm off. I ‘woke’ up when the girls from the room next door I’d met the night before noticed I was still sleeping and came knocking. I accepted their lift to Auckland airport and got out, running to the international terminal to make my flight even though I knew I was an hour late. Unknowingly I dropped my keys as I ran and a lovely man tapped my shoulder to return them. That was when I realised I didn’t have my luggage. I’d left it in the car. With the girls I didn’t know or have contact details for. Now I had missed my flight and lost my luggage. That’s when I woke up.

I couldn’t find my phone to check the time but knew I was awake pretty early. Eventually got up to check my phone and it was 5.40am, well before my 6.25am alarm. I couldn’t go back to sleep and instead woke up grumpy.

Fast forward and I’m on the plane to Auckland. Hoping I make my flight to Honolulu as we were 20mins late departing and I only have less than an hour to get to the international airport, go through security and board. Wish me luck!

See you in Honolulu.


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