Hawaii Day Five

Aloooo – HA! That’s how they say aloha in Hawaii. Lots of emphasis on the HA! Not all nice like how we say it.

South shore sea cliffs was the tour of the day. I had seen most of it but there was a $20 feed a dolphin upgrade I was keen on.

Even though I’d been to most of the places before I learnt different information to the first time. A double decker bus we had the wind in our hair (and eyes) and the word DUCK kept being yelled at us. Not for the duck, duck, goose game, but rather for us to place out heads behind our seats so we didn’t get hit by tree branches!

Arriving at Sea Life Park for lunch, where we had hulihuli chicken, corn and rice.

Turned out we had to pre-book the dolphin feeding. I was so disappointed – I’d been really looking forward to it. They should give you the option when you call to book.

We did however feed some turtles and I got some great pics. The rest of the park is pretty average, there doesn’t seem to be much there. Put it this way, I’m glad it was included in the tour.

Home to change then pick up for the Luau! We did Germaines Luau, it’s supposed to be the better one on the island.

The bus ride was fun, our ‘Cousin,’ Kim, remembered all 46names of the people on the bus. It takes about an hour to get out there and she had us doing all sorts of crazy things.

There’s a photograph when you arrive, then you get lei’d and choose a table.

Straight to the bar! 3 cocktails were included. I was drinking Kool Aid or something. I saw the amaretto and that was me for the night.

You watch the guys pull the pig out of the ground – just like a hangi. Unlike a hangi though, the pig is the only thing cooked in the ground.

Entertainment begins, dances from the pacific islands – Tahiti, Samoa, Hawaii and the best – New Zealand! They have shows from NZ at all their pacific performances and I find it a little strange watching them from half way around the world.

The food was amazing, lomi salmon, teriyaki beef, BBQ chicken and of course, the delicious, melt in your mouth pulled pork. Lots of salads followed by cake and some desserts I don’t know.

I tried poi, everyone talks about it over here. It’s ground taro root with water and just looks like a mauve mash. Baby food consistency. Hawaiians love it and tourists hate it. I found it very bland. Not much taste.. Just goopy.

3 large (American free pour) cocktails later and the bus ride back was quite fun. Kim had us all pretend we were rowing a canoe when we passed the other buses which was hilarious. She was worth her tip for sure.

Straight to the pub when we got back, Duke’s was our first cocktail stop. We met some interesting people, including a chick from Vancouver, who I may catch up with when I get there.

Duke’s was a little slow and we heard Rum Fire at the Sheraton was going off, next thing we are attempting not to go drunk shopping on our way there.

Run Fire has great music. It’s a cool place and I had an awesome time there but you had to wait an age for drinks. Crazy. Also the people weren’t as open and engaging as at Dukes. Where at Duke’s Bar you will meet 10 people, there you’re lucky to meet 2.

Swaying home I needed a cheeseburger. I was freaking out that Burger King didn’t have cheeseburgers as it wasn’t on the menu! It was on the kids menu, maybe that’s why I managed to drop tomato sauce and mustard all over my dress.

Home at 1.30am and up at 6am. I’m sleeeppyyyy.












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