Hawaii Day Six

Up far too early for Pearl Harbour!
I was exhausted after partying the night before. Self inflicted, I know.

Tour was fantastic, really glad I went out there. I’m not huge on history and after visiting Hiroshima I didn’t think I’d visit another war site again because I found it so overwhelming and eerie.

We did a Roberts Tour – they seem to be the dominating company around here. As always excellent service, this time with Brandon.

You start the visit with a movie, didn’t realise there was so much raw footage. Thankfully it’s not too upsetting. Then a boat ride to the Arizona Memorial, over the USS Arizona wreck.

Back in Honolulu we visited some sights and I was falling asleep pretty much the whole time so I can’t remember much!

Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory – Omgeee – that one gets its own blog! Amazing.

After a nap I booked tomorrow’s tour for some snorkelling and got ready for dinner at Duke’s.

Dinner at Duke’s was also incredible! It will also have it’s own blog. Really cool place. Not surprised its number one for Waikiki on Urban List!

Kyle sweetly showed up with home backed cookies – one with double butter and one without (for my lactose intolerance) AND he had two beautiful fresh Lei’s for me!! I was so shocked. Was definitely blushing. Aussie & Kiwi boys need to up their game!












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