Canada – come at me!

So I arrived in Canada and taxi’d to my new place. It’s an awesome apartment, right in town by the marina on the 13th floor. Great views. My room is tiny. It’s called a ‘den’ its all glass with curtains hung up for privacy. It’s cute though and all my stuff fits. Turns out the chick is moving coz the area is too ‘old & rich’ for her. She seems really lovely so far.

After unpacking I walked to town to get my phone set up – priorities right? That and I needed breakfast. Unfortunately you can’t get a phone plan without Canada ID and their plans SUCK for international calling.

Anyway I’m sitting at the Sinclair Centre waiting for my SIN. Think it’s my tax number but I really don’t know. All I know is bed is looking pretty good right now…

I ended up spending the rest of the day running around like a mad women getting everything organised. Bank, SIN, phone, food etc.

Went to bed about midnight – my body clock hasn’t yet adjusted. No rest for the wicked!







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