Penticton Road Trip Day 4

The best way to wake up? Swim out to a pontoon in the middle of Okanagan Lake and jump in!

We woke early, headed to a lakeside cafe fror breakfast and then a swim. Hilariously a boat had driven on top of the pier during the night!

Unfortunately it was my last day in Penticton but we did one of my favourite things! Tubing the channel.

$10 gets you a tube hire and bus back. It takes about 2 hours to float down and is completely relaxing. The current is pretty swift, the river is wide and cute ducks come out of the reeds to greet you.

If I went again, I would bring some rope to tie all the tubes together and a bucket of drinks to get the party going on the way down.

Trip home flew by and before we knew it we were back in Vancouver.

Another Road Trip done, now to plan the next one…






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