Komi Sushi Vancouver

I went to Yomo as it was right under the building I was temping in and had nice outdoor seating.

When I walked in they tried to make me sit inside however I asked for outside which they eventually and grudgingly obliged to.

I ordered a sushi and teriyaki plate with salad and miso. It was cheap at $9. Tasted average, nothing to rave about.

I had to ask three different servers for a glass of water and they all looked at me like I was a hassle.

I wanted an unopened can of coke to take back to work which seemed to be the biggest task possible. First guy didn’t understand and the next guy was able to grab it for me.

Hard to get the attention of a server to get the bill… I wouldn’t go back. Cheap and convenient or not.


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7 thoughts on “Komi Sushi Vancouver”

    • Oohhh I’ll have to try that. I work on homer, not too far for a Granville street mission! Yeah I think we were spoilt in Oz coz everyone raves about it here and it’s fine but not outstanding.. Haven’t found my fave place yet. This is def going on my list! Thanks 😉

      • Cool! I read another of your posts about a funky place which I’m going to try, can’t remember the name now. I think everyone kinda has their fave, depending on where they live. I found one good one in North Van, but mainly because it was handy to where I worked. Otherwise, they’re kinda underwhelming. It’s more like a cheap, average meal that isn’t too bad for you. I can recommend a couple of other yummy food places too if you’re interested? Not just sushi 🙂

        • They’re very cheap – but I can’t eat it all. I’d rather have something a bit nicer than a mass amount of average sushi I can’t eat. Yes please!!! I would love that! I like to eat – you’ve prob picked up on that already

          • mmm me too! food = goodness 🙂 ok so…
            if you like good, reasonably priced, gourmet and good quality burgers: Romers (http://romersburgerbar.com/) in Kitsilano is GOOD! it’s fairly new and they have chipoltle aioli that I went a bit nuts for
            Vegetarian Mexican place where you won’t miss the meat AT ALL: http://bandidastaqueria.com/ they do a tasty white russian with soy milk too. might sound a bit rank if you don’t like soy milk but it’s oh so good. or was it almond milk. Doesn’t matter. it’s good. they don’t do bookings so you might see a line, but if you’ve got time to waste, it is so worth the wait. the line moves fairly quickly and there’s a line for a very good reason.
            This place is a little more expensive, i guess coz it’s quite “specialised” but it’s worth the visit if you love food enough to try something a bit “too cool for school” (which I found the staff to be a little bit): http://gorillafood.com/
            Most people know it so you might already: on Granville is http://thefamouswarehouse.com/2010/05/29/
            Over in North Vancouver is Raglans which is on Lonsdale not far up from Lonsdale Quay. It’s tiny and the decor is all surfy and kinda like a tiki hut vibe where they do massive cocktails and BIG meals. The poutine, the burgers, the tuna poke (po-kay not poke like i thought it was…haha) is lighter and tasty as!
            That should keep you going for a while 🙂

          • I’ve been waiting to get on my laptop and check these out properly! Awesome, thanks for the heads up – I want to try them all! I’m lactose intolerant too haha. Famous Warehouse definitely sounds like somewhere I need to go! I love tiki!!

          • Oh cool, glad you like! Mmm me and milk aren’t best friends and I probably shouldn’t eat as much cheese as I do. But I LOVE cheese. Pretty sure bandidas do dairy free options. And Gorilla Food DEF do. 🙂 yay food!!

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