Apartment lessons

Living in my current apartment has made me realise a few things. It’s especially made me realise what I miss. Nothing like coming home at 2am excited for reheated pizza or dinner only to realise you don’t have a microwave!

Here’s the top wish list for my next apartment:

  • A patio/ balcony – I love indoor outdoor flow & somewhere I can escape to talk on the phone or just watch life pass by.
  • A couch I can lie on and relax. Also where I can entertain guests. Not that I do any funky couch acts but currently mine is so small it’s awkward to even have a two person convo.
  • A TV – I don’t really watch TV so this came as a surprise to me. I guess I just like the noise?
  • A microwave. Essential in a freezing winter that I’m about to experience. Also when I’m hungover, reheating something in a pot or pan is far too complicated.
  • A pet – okay that’s just a wishful item! I’d love a dog or a cat (that doesn’t smell) to play with, minus the responsibility.
  • And last but not least, an awesome housemate or two! I love company and being around others. Plus I need someone to laugh at my lame jokes.


4 thoughts on “Apartment lessons”

  1. haha, your list totally reminds me of the one I made before me and mr me moved in together over on the north shore. if you are looking for a cheap vaccuum cleaner and you happen to think the “dirt devil” from Shoppers Drug Mart is a good bargain – DON’T DO IT!! They’re a bit crap and the cord is WAY too short. Not that our 1bdrm apartment was massive, but still. Cheap, for a reason. Oh and I like the picture of your dream apartment. We lived without a microwave too, Scott didn’t love it but I was OK with it. Maybe we weren’t hungover enough 😉 we did score one from the basement car park of the building but found out quickly why it was there – should’ve named it Sparky. We put Sparky back where we found him. Good luck with your list!

    • Hahaha there are so many great parts to this comment. No dirt something from shoppers – got it.
      Mr Sparky – sounds like he really zapped your food. Terrible joke on my behalf lol.

      • haha! yeah that was pretty bad but you tried and that is the main thing 😉 I don’t actually think we left anything in him long enough for him to do anything to our food because he was sparking like mad inside. may he rest in peace…


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