Seattle Roadie

Four girls, one car or #4girls1car as you’ll find it on social media.

My trip started with a crazy experience. I was about to call a cab and overheard a lady on the phone calling a cab. Asked her for cab phone number. She said ‘where are you going?’ I told her, she said ‘that’s on my way come with me.’ So I did – she was so interesting. She had just returned from a month in India, she has been there 5 times and stays in the ashram – she loves it! She was wearing all her stuff from there. It was a rather random 15 mins and start to the trip!

At the car hire place (Budget car rental, only $445 for four days) the girls were reading and roaring to go – and they’d bought snacks! I love snacks.

We waited at the border for about an hour, after being asked ridiculous questions by the most serious people you’ve met we were in the states!

First stop? Any of you that know the route from Vancouver to Seattle will know. For those that don’t – outlet shopping!!!

Pulled up at Seattle Premium Outlets and we were off. Nike, Coach, Michael Kors, Sony – you get the point. Lots of big brands at discount prices.

I ended up with heels, leather shorts (yep I’m that girl), Guess leather jeans, black shirt, striped top, crazy wrap skirt thing, MAC lipgloss, and Nine West sandals. Heels were expensive but justifiable coz they’re hot! Haha.

Getting to the hotel was supposed to take us 45mins. Took us easily double that. After the girls decided we didn’t need a GPS we got lost. Well and truly.

Eventually we got to the hotel (super cheap only $75each for 3 nights) and settled in for an early night ready for a big Saturday!





8 thoughts on “Seattle Roadie”

  1. COOL shoes. Oh so so cool. I would be on the leather shorts band wagon if I had the legs for it. I don’t. And I could never walk (normally/comfortably) in those heels. I would own them and just walk around in them at home and admire them sitting on my floor, never to be worn. I’ve done it before 🙂 Hope you had fun in Seattle, are you still there? Need any food recommendations? Chicken and waffles… do it!

    • Haha why thank you!
      I love heels – I feel silly not wearing them. Love that you have done that before – hilarious!! I have done that once actually. They were stripper high!
      I just got home tonight, intend to go back again soon though. It was great! And of course I do! 🙂


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