Chihuly Garden & Glass – Seattle

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been so awed by glass in my life. I know I didn’t have high expectations. I’ve seen glass blowing in Venice, seen many glass art-works but never anything on such a scale.

It was just stunning. Breathtaking. Overwhelming.

Each room that reveals the next piece is even more incredible than the last.

My favourites have to be the main room and the room with the glass in the ceiling. They’re just amazing. So much effort, design and detail in the pieces and they’re huge!

Outside is great too. Chihuly has effortlessly integrated the glass into the garden and it really does look like the pieces belong there. On my crappy iPhone camera I wasn’t able to take pictures that really capture the concept.

We stayed and watched a few of the videos about Chihuly – behind the scenes and so forth. He has Such a vision without having a vision at all. He doesn’t know what he is going to create until he starts painting it.

I love the way he paints – unsure of the medium? A watered down acrylic perhaps. He literally paints from the tube. Squeezes sloshes of paint out onto giant cardboard in crazy motions and somehow it looks incredible and you can see what they are going to do with the glass. Cool to see the process from concept to final pieces.

I honestly thought the guy must be dead – his art is so recognised I just presumed but he is alive and kicking, creating new masterpieces.

If you are in Seattle, I HIGHLY recommend checking it out. It’s right next to the Space Needle in Seattle Center.
























10 thoughts on “Chihuly Garden & Glass – Seattle”

  1. I don’t think there’s a photo, no matter how amazing, that could do the glass sculptures full justice since it’s hard to capture how reflective and dynamic light is bouncing off of colorful glass. It’s really something you need to see in person, and I’m happy you were able to do just that! I’m so glad you enjoyed the exhibit, and I hope you liked Seattle (the weather has been unusually nice lately).

  2. Rachael, your photographs are beautiful!

    Chihuly did an exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical gardens back in 2004 and it blew my mind. My daughter and wife and I spent a beautiful early fall day and into the evening enjoying the surreal melding of gardens and organic glass sculpture. I can tell by your photographs that he has added a number of new pieces to the exhibit you recently saw. I need to see his latest exhibit. I hope he comes back to Atlanta! (He did gift the Atlanta Botanical Garden several beautiful pieces which we enjoy whenever we visit). How long is the exhibit in Seattle scheduled to last?


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