Whistler Weekend

Carso, Phillip and I headed up to Whistler last weekend for the first ever Whistler Beer Festival and to check the place out as we hadn’t been before.

We arrived Friday arvo and checked onto our hotel, The Crystal Lodge. Right in the heart of the village, definitely recommend it if you need somewhere to crash. After a quick wander around the village, I was starving. So when I saw a sign that said 12 oysters for $12 I was dragging Carso and Phillip over in no time! Three dozen oysters, a cider each and poor service at Araxi and we were off. We bar hopped for a bit and when my flatmate and his friend Mike arrived we all headed to Ric’s Bar and Grill for steak and cocktails. Can’t beat that place.

Knowing we had a big day ahead we retired to bed early after dinner.

Beer Fest day!! We were all super excited. After breakfast we headed over to the North Village and settled in at The Warehouse for some ciders/ beers in the sun. They have a great bar where you can sit outside.

Finally the first ever Whistler Beer Festival gates opened, and the huge line started moving in. $35 got you entry, a little souvenir glass, 5 x $1.50 drink tokens and a $10 food voucher – really good if you ask me. There were over 30 local breweries, who would fill your tiny wee mug for just $1.50. It was fantastic. Well organised, spent the day drinking beer and basking in the sun with friends. My only advice to the organisers would be – more shade, and to space the breweries out a little more, it was quite crowded at times. I also think some long communal tables wouldn’t go astray either.

After the festival we sauntered off back to the hotel to relax in the hot tub. Which was too hot if you asked me. I spent my time alternating between the hot tub and the pool but I’m sure it would be lovely with the snow falling around you.

Sushi Village for dinner. Not sure if it was all the beer but YUM! I over-ate but was happy and full.

Stumbled to Buffalo Bills for some crazy dancing and people watching.

Sunday I was up at around 11 and felt pretty good. We checked out and I got my Starbucks fix – bagel with cream cheese and a double choc chip frappacino with extra choc sauce.

Meeting up with my roomie and his mate we ventured out to Lost Lake for some sightseeing. Quaint little lake, you can walk around it in about 20mins – my exercise for the entire weekend! The rain started just as we reached the car and by the time we were on the road it was hitting hard. I haven’t seen heavy rain like that for a while.

Awesome weekend – can’t wait to get back there!



















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