Victoria Day 1

After the bus ride then the ferry ride then the bus ride and a potential 3rd bus ride we popped into Budget to see how much it would be to hire a car for a day. We walked out with one for 3 days – our entire trip! We managed to talk the guy into giving us the car at $45 per day for only 2 days cost as 15% off and a vehicle upgrade – cheers mate!

So we jumped in our Malibu and drove off. We just aimlessly drove around the city. It’s a great way to get orientated and I enjoy getting lost every now and then.

Realising our phones would die we headed to our hotel, the English Inn. Carso had booked the hotel and it was beyond our expectations!

It’s a Tudor style manor with a replication of Anne Hathaways little house. It’s all mahogany wood and elegant touches. Warm fire places and blocks of units.

After a nice little nap we got up and went into town for dinner and drinks. We were supposed to meet a friend at the Strathcona so had dinner there. Average would be flattering. Next up was some beverages and we ended up at Darcy’s Pub. I haven’t seen that many hot men in one room in a longtime. I may even move here! Haha.

We met some great people and danced the night aware. If I’m honest I spent most of my night ogling the beautiful scenery… And they say men are perverts!

Outside the bar I met a guy who thought he was fat. The poor guy wasn’t at all but his mates had been teasing him. He was pretty upset. He then literally fell on his head. I’m not quite sure how, it’s pretty difficult from a standing position. He then started balling his eyes out – poor kid, I was trying to console him and a kind police man came over to take him home. Hope he feels better today, albeit with a sore head.

Stumbled in the door at 4am mad that McDonalds was only selling breakfast. Cheeseburgers are the only appropriate food at that time.

Day one, a success!








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