Victoria Day 2

After our big night out we took it easy on Sunday. Slept in, just made it to breakfast then lazed around the beautiful grounds a bit at the hotel, the English Inn.

Around midday we jumped in the car and headed out towards Sooke. Blink and you miss it. It had been suggested to us as a day trip but there really wasn’t much there. Didn’t matter, we were happy exploring anyway. We kept driving and hope to find a cute cafe to ease our hunger.

We came across a sign, ‘Point No Point’ and decided to pull in for a photo. Little did we know we had just stumbled across a gorgeous resort in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception.

Cute cafe doesn’t cut it. It has an incredible view, there’s binoculars on the table to soak it all in and to keep an eye out for a passing whale.

After breakfast we explored the amazing walkways and got happily lost. I’ll do another blog just for it, was an awesome spontaneous afternoon.

We headed out towards Port Renfrew but turned around after realising just how far away it was and seeing the roads getting windier and narrower.

Stopping for coffees as we were exhausted, we had a good but sleepy drive home and collapsed on the bed back at the hotel.

After attempting to nap we want back into town for dinner. We decide on having a dozen oysters each then grabbing some Japanese, preferably an udon noodle soup on the way back. Except after the oysters everything was shut! We wandered around looking for Japanese and Vietnamese but gave up after about 4 closed places and calls to to others.

Disappointed, well I was anyway – Carso was full, we had an early night ready for another big day Monday!

Oh I forgot! We went to look at the government houses, they looked like Disney Land but not as much fun, I’m sure!













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