Banana Leaf on Davie

I arrived just before six and saw they had a Happy Hour menu that finished at 6. I was going to get a laksa and luckily for me that was on the Happy Hour menu with an assortment of the entrees for just $3 more.

Unfortunately for me, Vanessa was half an hour late. The lovely waitress still offered the special though, I think she felt sorry for me for waiting for so long.

I was actually shocked at how many appetisers we got to try! There was calamari, spring rolls, chicken satay, salad and roti. Roti was all I really wanted – I love that stuff and they do it well at Banana Leaf.

The Singapore Laksa came with a variety of prawns, chicken, calamari and other random seafood. I goes stats why I didn’t like it so much. It tasted too seafoody… I love seafood. But I love it fresh and more than often raw and this just didn’t really float my boat. Vanessa ordered hers without the seafood though and really enjoyed it.

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  1. Rachael, I saw the title of your post, and had to check it out. I’d been to this location before and I liked the food I’ve had there, but I’ve not been around for happy hour. If I may ask, how much did it cost for you both?

  2. Thanks! I like the idea of ordering a whole truckload of appetizers, and sharing them in a group of two or more, especially given how appetizers are sometimes as expensive (more?) than entrees,


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