We’ll just have a quiet drink.

Famous last words.

Spontaneous nights always seem to pan out to be some of the best.

Last night was one of them.

We decided to go for a quick drink and appies after an average day at work.

We parked and my boss, the shopoholic she is, asked if we could nip into Hollywood Boutique next to the Yaletown Skytrain. I obliged and she ended up purchasing a gorgeous green sparkly dress for New Years.

After much indecision we ended up at the Flying Pig. One glass of wine turned into a bottle and one amazing dish turned into four.

Part way through the evening I realised I was missing something. My bag. My entire purse. Filled with everything I need. Including my cards, ID, contacts and my keys. I ran back to the shop but it was closed. With a heavy heart I went back and told Yvette. By now she was crashing at my house… But without keys we couldn’t get it.

Of course my phone was dead but I eventually got through to my roomie Scott who was I’m Kits at a bday party as would be at least another hour.

With thy in mind Yvette suggested we check out The George for cocktails since I hadn’t been there. The place was dead, only one other guy there. Luckily the bar manager, Andy, took a liking to us and upon hearing out horror story shared a shot with us.

We ordered cocktails and Andy warned us that at 10.30pm 100 people were going to show up. We laughed at him.

11pm we’re giving Andy crap about all these people not showing up when low and behold 100 people waltz in the door! It was part of an annual scotch train pub crawl and they were all quite merry. I even knew a handful of them.

We ended up crawling into bed about 1am rather merry ourselves!




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