Bond, James Bond

This weekend turned out unexpectedly well! I had originally planned to have a quiet weekend but as always, plans changed.

My friend Sunny called me on Thursday to see if a friend and I would like to join him for the annual James Bond party at The Vancouver Club. Can’t say no to that so next thing you know I was persuading my friend Jay to join me.

Friday was pretty quiet. Jay and I went shopping, she bought half of RW & co.

Saturday I went shopping with Billy at Metrotown then fell asleep in his couch while watching UFC.

Jay arrived around 6, we cooked squash spaghetti with basil chicken then started getting ready. Come 10pm we were just done and Sunny picked us up with Jens at 10.30ish.

The party was incredible – The Vancouver Club is just stunning. Jay, being an interior designer, spent most of her time ogling the fittings while I couldn’t take my eyes off all the killer suits and dresses.

We mingled and drank. Drink prices were surprisingly very reasonable with grey goose only $9 including tax and tip.

There was a carvery and dessert station in the VIP area, I managed to grab the last carvery plate, it was delicious. Or perhaps I was just drunk.

At 1am we all bundled up and headed to Cabana. It was packed but as always, we had an awesome time. There was actually a fight there, first I’ve seen in a long time. Managed to get my wrist bruised being thrown out of the action. Not long after that we retired home around 3am.

Sunday we woke up hardly hungover for once, it was great! We got up and devoured brunch at the Flying Pig in Yaletown before crashing ridiculously into a food coma for 3 hours on the couch! So much for our optimism to get out and about.

After dinner however I realised I had 9 free movie passes so we web to watch Last Vegas in Tinseltown. Hilarious movie, would def recommend it for a good laugh.








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