Another night, another party, another tired morning.

Not complaining! Been having a great time but damn I’m sleepy! My own fault for partying on week nights though I know.

Wednesday night Killjoy had a Hennessy event. We were early so we went to Earl’s for a drink where the barman made us a black forest cake shot. Delicious. Next up was the Fairmont Pacific Loved the live entertainment. Found out I don’t like Hennessy on the rocks. Give me goosebumps just thinking about it! We rolled out of there at 2am.

I started this on Friday. Now it’s Monday and I’ve been out every night since Wednesday. No more!

Thursday night Sidecar Supper Club opened. It’s a shame I can’t have my bday there, it’s an awesome venue. I had a great night with Silvanna and Jay, dancing and mingling.

Friday night I had dinner with 8 of my awesome friends. We tried to go to Craft Beer Market but with a three hour wait we skipped off to another bar for dinner then off to Cabana for a boogie. Been a long time since we all stayed out dancing together and we had a blast!

I think I slept almost all day Saturday and only got up to meet my Boss, Kim and Lisa. Dinner at The Keg Yaletown – had the special with scallops, lobster and steak – amazing. Then Beyonce concert – what an a incredible performer. Straight home afterwards.

Sunday I worked the Rogers Santa Parade, it was awesome. Wore a hilarious outfit.

Met Amanda for a drink with Jay afterwards then we ended up heading to Gastown to have a dance and met some fun people. We ended up playing some bull shooting game with some brothers haha good times.

So now I sit here vowing not to go out until New York on Friday!!











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